‘I knew he’d get beaten to a pulp’

French ex-principal reveals he advised Jews not to attend his school for their safety.

A former principal at a preparatory school for teenagers in Marseille said that he regularly advised Jews not to attend his institution for fear of harassment by other students.

The revelation, that has grabbed front-page headlines in mainstream media in France, came in a newly-published book coauthored by the retired principal, Bernard Ravet, and Emmanuel Davindenkoff, a Le Monde journalist.

In an interview for the L’Express newspaper, Ravet recalled one case in which he as the principal of a public school asked a counterpart from a private Jewish school in Marseille to accept an Israeli boy whose mother wanted to enroll him at Ravet’s school.

  • Watchman

    The EU Time Machine For Jews™: Making them feel like it was the early 1940s all over again.

  • Dana Garcia

    In 2012, the National Geographic magazine portrayed Marseille as an example of successful diversity & assimilation. It was a hopeful statement at the time, for sure.


    • Watchman

      To some, ‘assimilation’ means that in return for them accepting welfare from the state they will let us play the part of dhimmis, the subservient near slaves of muslims.

    • Alain

      That was a big lie even in 2012 I personally know for fact. In the early 1960s that would have been true, but that was prior to the mass Muslim invasion.

  • Hard Little Machine

    My sister sent her kids to a Catholic school just to get out of the public schools and there was no Jewish day school handy.

  • marty_p

    Jewish family assaulted in anti-Semitic robbery in France
    Three assailants break into the home of a Jewish family near Paris, telling them: ‘You are Jews, you have money. We take money from Jews to give to the poor,’ before tying, beating and robbing them.

    • tom_billesley

      North African muslims are convinced that all Jews are rich.
      The “Gang of Barbarians” was a gang whose members were predominately French-born children of Muslim parents who had migrated to France from North Africa. They are known for the 2006 kidnapping, torture and killing of Ilan Halimi. His family aren’t rich but the gang repeatedly contacted them demanding large sums of money.

      • Alain

        It seems that the myth of all Jews being wealthy/rich is widespread even beyond African Muslims. But then so is the myth that all Jews are smart.

  • Lightstream

    Those students that harass Jewish students, should be made to take an after school course in bullying. If that doesn’t penetrate their little brains, then they should be expelled.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      They (the Muslim students) think they are fulfilling a commandment from God in persecuting Jew, so I don’t think that a stern lecture on religious tolerance is going to cut it.
      Your post was serious, right?

    • Covfefeghost

      No the moslems should be kicked out of the country, all of them.

    • Minicapt

      Repeated public flogging would be more efficacious.


  • Or maybe the principal should have advised them to fight back.

  • Gary

    Don’t think it won’t happen in Toronto or Montreal because we already see how muslims can attack and fire bomb Jewish places where the Police refuse to call it a hate-crime .
    This stance is seen as a tacit approval by the Police for muslims to keep attacks the jews.