Dying traditional media journalists’ arrogance is “beyond annoying”

From Bernard Goldberg at Townhall:

In 2001, when my book “Bias” came out, my focus was on liberal bias in the news and the refusal of mainstream journalists to either acknowledge its existence or try to tone it down.

But now bias is my second biggest journalistic concern. Arrogance is now No. 1. The snobbery of too many journalists is beyond annoying. It’s repulsive.

Take Stuart Rothenberg, a veteran political journalist and charter member of the Washington media elite.

While President Trump was speaking at a rally in West Virginia not long ago, Rothenberg took to Twitter to let everyone know that “Lots of people in West Virginia can’t support themselves or speak English.” More.

Reality check: The biggest blind spot is Rothenberg’s belief that he can say that without being a Republican and still be admired by those he insults.

At one time, that was true, because people like him were Cool. Many people are quite willing to be sneered at by those they thought were Cool. Gatekeepers of information.

But when everyone is on their handheld, Rothenberg’s Cool probably doesn’t matter to anyone but him. See Newsweek hit by layoffs after day of suspense (2016)

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