Did Trump kill the New York Daily News?

From Daniel Greenfield at Front Page:

The sale of the New York Daily News for a dollar isn’t the death of the sleazy leftist tabloid. It died a while back.

Stasi summoned a boycott of the already failing paper when she blamed one of the victims of the Muslim terror attack in San Bernardino because he was a Republican. Lupica has no idea when the Constitution was written.

The Daily News had once been a powerhouse. But as the end approached, it lacked any actual talent. And Linda Stasi and Mike Lupica’s rage tantrums, the trolling covers, couldn’t compensate.

Like Newsweek, it sold for a buck, and like Newsweek it tried to survive on trolling covers.More.

Reality check: The real story here isn’t their politics but the fact that the news service that justified reading them is no longer needed in any event. And they could never have competed in the “sheer abuse of Trump” market with blogs run by trolls, which one can read for free.

They’re sort of like a butter churn. You can like it or dislike it but you really don’t need it.

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