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EU Orders Sweden To Shut Down Border Checks

The European Union has ordered Sweden to end its border controls by mid-November, saying the reasons for putting them into place don’t exist anymore.

At a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday, the EU’s migrant commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said it will not allow the Nordic country to extend its border controls between Sweden and Denmark.

Rally against hate overwhelms ‘fake news’ protest in Winnipeg

When the organizer of a rally against what he calls “fake news” arrived on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg Saturday morning, he was surrounded by hundreds of people who gathered in advance of a rally against hate later in the day.

A few people showed up for the anti-fake news event, called Stand Against Canadian Fake News Corporations, which was organized by the group Winnipeg Alternative Media. The group claims mainstream media are disseminating what it calls “fake news.”

Pope Francis Shifts Power From Rome With ‘Hugely Important’ Liturgical Reform

Pope Francis, who has used his absolute authority in the Vatican to decentralize power from Rome, made a widespread change Saturday to the ways, and words, in which Roman Catholics worship by amending Vatican law to give national bishop conferences greater authority in translating liturgical language.

“It’s hugely important,” said Rita Ferrone, a specialist in Catholic liturgy who writes for Commonweal, a liberal Catholic magazine. She said that by loosening Rome’s grip on the language of prayers, Francis had restored the intention of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council and erased some of the rollbacks of his predecessor, Benedict XVI. “It was especially astute that he put it into canon law because it makes it official.”

Statue Mania Comes To Minnesota

One might think that Minnesota would be one of the last places to pull down statues. The state joined the union just in time for the Civil War, in which its young men fought heroically in the anti-slavery cause. But when Leftists get going, they never know when to stop. The Star Tribune reports on an effort to cart away a statue of Christopher Columbus and replace him with…Prince Nelson.

Danish official: No room for refugees from UN this year

The U.N. refugee agency has made deals with countries, including Denmark, to take in a number of refugees each year. Since 1989, Denmark has accepted about 500 such refugees every year.

But now Denmark “doesn’t want to commit ourselves,” said Integration Minister Inger Stoejberg, considered an immigration hardliner. “I don’t believe we have room for quota refugees this year.”

Stoejberg said Denmark had received about 56,000 immigrants since 2012 and many of them are expected to try to bring relatives in. She said those already in Denmark should be integrated first.

Scheer Targets Arrogance Of Trudeau Government

It seems “arrogance” will be a key line of attack for the opposition Conservatives as they take on the Liberals in the upcoming Parliamentary session.

In his speech at the end of the Conservative Caucus retreat in Winnipeg (which you can watch here), Scheer made reference to the arrogance of the Trudeau government on a variety of issues.

It certainly fits.

  • Ego

    “EU Orders Sweden To Shut Down Border Checks”—If even refugee-happy Sweden is now castigated and strong-armed, unrest must be brewing in countries other than those of Eastern Europe. The EU, used to see meek acceptance of its migration policy in most member states, may be in for a rude awakening as those countries start finding the consequences unbearable.

  • BillyHW

    His name is Nelson?

    • Prince Rogers Nelson.

      • canminuteman

        That sounds like the title to a gay porno movie.

  • TruthSerum

    What a surprise! Brussels sings a different tune when the “enhancers” are on the EU official’s doorstep:

    Brussels finally gets tough on migrants – but only because hundreds set up camp near EU HQ:

    Officials clampdown on asylum seekers, saying: ‘We don’t want the Calais Jungle here’

    • tom_billesley

      They’re not going to share their canteen and sleep in the corridors?

  • tom_billesley

    Why more women are getting into shooting
    I think I know why.

  • tom_billesley

    Tony Blair calls for restrictions on free movement of people to Britain from other EU countries…..but only because he thinks it’ll help to stop Brexit.

    • k2

      What an evil, corrupt man. Kind of a British equivalent of Obama: they’re similar in terms of ideological bent, their insufferable self-righteousness, and the overall harm each has done to his respective nation. Oh, and they refuse to disappear politely into post-political life, but linger stubbornly in the shadows like a virus that the immune system cannot ever fully vanquish.

  • ontario john

    And now the Sunday Toronto Star. Editorial and stories that peace loving muslims in Burma, are the most persecuted minority on the planet. Story that Canadians are racist bastards. Our history is just as bad as the States for slavery, which resulted in white Canadians becoming wealthy at the expense of black slaves. Story on the editorial page from a whiny indian, that Canada should be called Turtle Island, And anyone who is not an indian should be called a settler. Also all pipelines should be scrapped. Green energy is wonderful, socialism is wonderful, and of course Trudeau is wonderful.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    With regard to the pope’s strategy, I just can’t resist.