Canadian students must stand up to censorship

It is depressingly ironic when university events aimed at discussing campus censorship get censored. This is what happened recently at Ryerson University, Toronto. A panel discussion, entitled ‘The stifling of free speech on university campuses’, was shut down by university administrators citing safety concerns after the violent protests in Charlottesville.

Just before the university cancelled the event, a Facebook page called ‘No Fascists in Our City!’ condemned it as a ‘bigoted event featuring some of the most bigoted folks around right now as panelists’. ‘This shit stops now’, the statement continued, ‘either you’re with us or you’re not… We are beyond psyched’.

Who were these supposedly bigoted speakers?

  • This is Kristallnacht and the Cultural Revolution all over again. The students are too stupid to see it.

    • They believe themselves to be doing God’s work.

      • But to them, God doesn’t exist, at least until they need someone to hate.

        People didn’t stop believing in God; they replaced Him with them.

  • Old Guy

    When a “Hecklers Veto” is able to shut down the right to speak and the right to be be heard by those whom have chosen to listen then you live under tyranny and not freedom.

    The “Hecklers Veto” tactics are not new. They were used during the 1920s and 1930s by Hitler’s Sturmabteilung (Assault Division), aka Sturmtruppen (Storm Troopers), aka Braunhemden (Brown Shirts).