Sanity on Title IX

UVA Rape Hoax

Betsy DeVos signals that due process will return to campus sexual-assault tribunals.

Education secretary Betsy DeVos’s address this week at George Mason University has received widespread attention for her call to move beyond the “failed” Title IX policies of the Obama administration and pursue a “better way” in how colleges and universities handle sexual-assault allegations. But its real importance comes in DeVos’s ability to shift dramatically the tone of how the federal government has responded to the issue of campus sexual assault—emphasizing fairness, nuance, and due process over her predecessors’ extremist vision of the rights of the accuser.

  • canminuteman

    I would have been more impressed if she had said that there will no longer be campus sexual assault tribunals. Since sexual assault in a criminal matter, in future if someone had a complaint they could go to the police as it is outside the universities authority.

    Hell, even the Military Police don’t get involved in criminal code matters if the offence happens in Canada. In Canada they are only responsible for National Defence Act/Queens Regulations and Orders, (or Queens Regulations and Suggestions as we used to jokingly refer to them).