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Your Tax Dollars At Work: Studying ‘Gender Identity’ Of Four-Year-Olds

“The project will involve asking 250, 4- to 6-year olds and their parents to complete a battery of measures assessing early and current gender socialization, children’s internal sense of gender identity, children’s gendered behavior (e.g., preferences for gender-typed toys) and measures of related gender cognition (e.g., memory for gender-consistent vs. inconsistent behaviors),” the grant states.

North Korea’s Threat Might Be Worse Than We Think

“It is unlikely that long-standing issues between North Korea and the U.S. can be resolved through negotiation,” Rider writes in the letter to the president. “Any effort to force North Korea” to bow to outside pressure “means regime change.” That’s not acceptable to North Korea, he says. Therefore, “some level of force may be necessary.”

The problem is, he charges, that U.S. targeters don’t have good information, and any strike deemed necessary might thus be impotent, inviting retaliation.

Looking for a hate “group” at RRW? Up until recently, Oreo is all you would find for group members! However, we recently added a dog and that has created a whole new hate situation here at RRW.

Letter to media: “discredited” SPLC should be ignored

Of course the SPLC has me listed as a hate “group,” but to show how shoddy and unprofessional their work is, I have no group. I’m an independent blogger writing factual reports (with my opinions!) on the US Refugee Admissions Program and have been doing so for the last ten years.

What apparently got me in the crosshairs of the SPLC (besides being effective!) is this report (Resettlement at Risk) written by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (a federal refugee contractor) with the help of a large grant from the J.M. Kaplan Fund.

California Moves To Bar Landlords From Reporting Illegal Immigrant Tenants

The Immigrant Tenant Protection Act, introduced by Democratic Assemblyman David Chiu of San Francisco, broadly prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of immigration status. The measure also specifically bars landlords from reporting or threatening to report information about their tenant to immigration authorities as way to force that person to vacate the housing.

Hurricane could prompt Canada to suspend deportations of failed asylum seekers

Canada could indefinitely suspend deportations to Haiti and other countries devastated by Hurricane Irma, according to federal provisions that halt removals to nations deemed too dangerous because of conflict or disaster.

Scott Bardsley, spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, said the Canada Border Services Agency will not deport anyone who has had their refugee claim rejected, or is deemed inadmissible to Canada, to a country coping with a hurricane.

Never let a crisis go to waste!