Conrad Black: Racism is dying, yet hateful people are still frequently accusing non-racists of it

Almost everyone except those psychologically and politically dependent on accusing others of being racists can agree that racism is evil. I think almost everyone except those malignant defamers, who denounce all with whom they disagree as racist, can agree that all people are fundamentally equal and must be treated equally; that all definable groups of people are equal in their human merit; and that all such groups, unless they are defined by sociopathic goals, should be proud of whatever it is that defines them as a group.

  • Del Evans

    My response to people who call me racist is “Why would a racist care what a nigger has to say?” And I’m more than willing to use whatever weapon is on hand for the reaction.

  • deplorabledave

    Conrad Black wants to be liked too much.

  • simus1

    Black comedian’s old joke:
    “In the south whites don’t care how close you git ‘s long you don’t git too big (rich).
    In the north whites don’t care how big you git ‘s long you don’t git too close (and cause white flight- collapsing property values)”.
    How innocuous it now seems looking back compared to the immorality of today’s blatant up front insane red fascism.

  • Lightstream

    I wasn’t raised to be a racist, but after being accused of white privilege, being a racist and everything else they call white people, I’m really leaning that way now. Just call me utterly fed up with all of these minorities.

    • Del Evans

      That’s exactly the way I feel. I’m becoming more racist everyday and i don’t care what anyone thinks about that