Berkeley Offering Counseling To Students Traumatized By … Ben Shapiro’s Upcoming Speech

Note: They’re not providing counseling for people traumatized by the *content* of Shapiro’s speech, which would be pitiful enough. They’re not providing counseling for people afraid that Antifa will burn down the campus, a not unreasonable worry. From what I can tell, they’re providing counseling for people traumatized by the mere fact that Shapiro is speaking on campus.

  • Dana Garcia

    Remember when college was designed to prepare young people for life as well informed adults? Now higher education creates future mental health patients.

    • tom_billesley

      Now their infantilized state must be preserved.

    • It is clearly a huge waste of time, money and humanity.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Like Nazis claiming that they were traumatized by the holocaust.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I hope Antifa does burn down the campus. It couldn’t happen to a worthier institution.

  • terrence22

    The poor widdle snow flakes at Bezerkley just keep getting more and more traumatized – there must be a large number of faculty who look after the poor widdle snow flakes, who get PAID A LOT of taxpayer dollars to do so. I doubt that ANY of them volunteer their time.

  • Alain

    This sort of nonsense has been going on for a long time at least in Canada. I clearly recall an example when I worked for Corrections Canada in a maximum security prison. An escape happened which should never have happened had correction officers been doing their jobs. First a female correctional officer when questioned claimed sexual discrimination and made a big stink claiming that any questions relating to her role and competency were sexual discrimination. Management caved in. Then there was a male correctional officer who was not even present, it being his off days, who claimed he was traumatised by it. He took off work and filed a WCB claim that he could no longer work as a correctional officer due to post dramatic stress caused by the escape. WCB psychologists went along and WCB in BC accepted his claim. I had more than a few conversations with WCB after sending them his log records confirming he was not even in the institution when it happened; all in vain. I was told they must go with their psychologists assessment, meaning that the psychologists stated that his version of events overrides documented facts. Result is that the guy had to be given a totally different position at a higher pay level plus I cannot recall the number of hours of counselling.