Ontario to create cannabis control board, open up to 60 storefronts

LCBO – anyone else remember filling out the little order form and approaching the desk clerk to receive your liquor? So East Bloc, but here in Ontario.

The Ontario government will announce Friday that it will create a cannabis control board and open up to 60 storefronts to manage the sale and distribution of marijuana in the province, CBC News has learned.

The plans include restricting marijuana sales to those 19 and older, a year above the minimum age recommended by the federal government’s cannabis task force report in December.

The 30 to 60 stores selling marijuana to the public will not be housed inside existing LCBO stores as Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne had previously suggested.

Illegal pot shops in Ontario would be shut down over the next 12 months

This tax grab will not slow down the dealers one bit, they will retail far better/potent product at cheaper prices.