In Justin Trudeau’s Canada this would be grounds to award him 10 million dollars…

Muslim terrorist from Canada denied access to witness addresses

FLINT, MI – A judge has denied a request from the man accused of stabbing an on-duty Flint Bishop Airport police officer in the neck to see the addresses of those who may testify against him.

Stating that she felt the decision to bar Amor M. Ftouhi, 49, from seeing witness contact information was “most prudent in the interest of public safety,” Flint U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker denied a motion from Ftouhi’s government-appointed attorney, Joan Morgan, in court on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Is traveling abroad to kill Americans in the name of Allah and jihad one of those “Canadian Values” we heard so much about from one of Justin’s cabinet ministers the other day?

    • terrence22

      Yes, it is a reflective of our diversity and our values (TrueDOPE is likely to say)

    • According to Hair-Boy, yes.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure little Justin will be issuing an apology to him soon, for his treatment in a U.S. jail. That will be followed with a large settlement for the taxpayers to provide

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      I thought this guy was sucking on an automatic ’20-to-life’?
      This guy’s going to die in an American prison.

      • terrence22

        we hope so…

  • Gary

    The CBC will crusade for bringing him back . Then the muslim lawyers will line up to help him sue Canada for $30,000,000.00 where Trudeau will claim that the SCOC forced him to settle for $10.5 million .

    I never new that the SCOC handled Tort Law to make rulings for redress and gave the dollar amount .

  • christianblood

    Of course, Canada won’t hesitate to reward this new Canadian islamic terrorist with millions of dollars! CBC and the Canadian now demonizing Burmese who are defending themselves against muslim jihadists in Myanmar!