Grooming gang victim sleeps next to knife and is losing hair after rape ordeal

Newcastle grooming gang victims have relived the horrendous ordeals they were subjected to as teenagers when members of a gang abused and repeatedly raped them.

Victims of the 17-man and one-woman gang who forced vulnerable teenagers into sex and prostitution have told a court how their abusers ruined their lives – as they are sent to prison.

One woman spoke of how she sleeps with a knife by her bedside, suffers from a personality disorder and is on constant suicide watch, even now years have passed since her ordeal.

  • Oracle9

    Grooming used to mean making oneself clean and attractive. Thanks to the media it now means murdering a person’s soul.

  • H

    “Islam responsible for Rotherham grooming gangs ….” True enough, but Western politicians are responsible for Islam being in the West at all.