Evangelicals fear Muslims; atheists fear Christians: New poll show how Americans mistrust one another

Evangelicals look down on atheists’ values. Nonreligious people fear that conservative Christians want to limit their freedoms. Republicans worry that Muslims pose a threat to their physical safety.

In short, many American identity groups are awfully concerned about one another. That’s the takeaway from a new survey, released Thursday morning by Baylor University, which polled Americans about their perceptions of their fellow citizens.

Part of the study, called “Fear of The Other,” examined negative attitudes toward four groups — atheists, conservative Christians, Jews and Muslims — and found that Americans generally harbor fears and judgment about all four. What those fears were, however, differed by the group.

The take-away? Many, perhaps the majority of atheists are steeped in leftist anti-western dogma and fear being labeled “Islamophobic”.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    A litmus test may arise if North Korea pushes us over the edge.

  • UCSPanther

    Atheist Freaks are very bigoted nutcases who act just like the religious fanatics that they claim to hate.

    Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote on the abyss is what comes to mind in regards to their insanity…

  • Oh, gee – militant atheists are stoking flames of paranoia again.

    Remember – THEY are the rational ones.

    • UCSPanther

      Anyone who has to constantly yell that they are rational is more than likely not.

      Like someone with unmedicated schizophrenia insisting they are “fine” while in the throes of delusion…