Dollarama testing “robot cashiers” thanks to $15/hour minimum wage

Canadian discount retailer Dollarama is testing self-checkouts as one way to combat the added costs of minimum wage hikes in Alberta and Ontario.

  • And people still think that unnecessarily higher wages and not taxes are the real problems.

    • xavier

      Good Lord man! Lowering taxes reduces the amount of graft and sweetheart payments to cronies. Why we’d give gasp! The plebs would have more money to spend and shrink the govt and its parasites! No no no the horror!

      • I just hoped you were sitting down when you read this.

        • xavier

          Indeed I was and I had to get my smelling salts while on the fainting couch..
          Seriously I do agree with you that lowering taxes and taking a hard look at what the govt provides with would be great. In the real world we’re stuck either cronies and parasites. Higher wages wouldn’t be necessary if taxes were lower

          • But the government sees this as a money grab.

            What will they do when no one is earning money?

          • CodexCoder

            We become Greece. In case you are not aware, when the economy fails, the Canadian banks now have a bail-in clause from the Federal government which allows them to draw from your accounts to float the banks until the crisis passes and the run on the banks stops. In return, you will get bank shares as an equivalent payment (but who would want worthless stock in a failing bank?).

          • k1962

            Where did you find that information? An elderly relative kept their life savings in a jar buried in the ground. We’re all now thinking that that was quite a smart thing to do given the money hungry PM we now have. But people from that generation have experiences that we don’t have. We should learn from them. We only found out about it when they thought they were on their death bead.

          • I believe that is called robbery.

          • xavier

            Give them govt jobs as junior jackboots ™ and nosy snitches

          • The Antifa fascists could end up with cozy positions.

  • Samuel Q-L

    So Dollarama can afford “Made in China” self checkouts, but can’t afford to pay their employees? Strange. So strange.

  • k1962

    I guess the next step would be for the government to enact laws that forces businesses to have so many live employees.

    • Clausewitz

      Nope, they want to tax machines as if they are employees earning wages that they can rape for income taxes.

      • marty_p

        Great idea for Wynne et. al. They can start with the thousands of bank machines. A new untapped source of tax revenue …. Happy Days are Here Again – new tax revenue from Pot sales and now new tax revenue from bank machine levies. More civil servants to manage the new taxes and more money for refugee welfare.