Unprecedented case could affect Liberals’ political future

For too long, the Ontario Liberals have been operating one of the most politically corrupt governments this province has ever seen, and they have done so with impunity.

Politically corrupt not in the sense of criminal wrongdoing — there’s been no such finding against them to date — but in corrupting the political process to make it work to their advantage.

On Thursday, one of their many political scandals goes to trial

  • Liberal Progressive

    How dare she call the Liberal Party “corrupt”! We are merely Liberally-ethical.

  • WalterBannon

    Anyone that thinks things will get better in Wynntario is just fooling themselves.

    The liberals are totally embedded in the government from top to bottom, and no one even poses a serious threat to the political leadership, not that who leads it really matters when the globalist, left wing bureaucrats and teachers federation really run the agenda for the province.

    • Observer

      But the PC’s have Patrick Brown… uh oh…

  • Dwayne1011

    The woman is a walking Don Martin caricature of a human being.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I wonder how many people still get that reference.

      • Dwayne1011

        I guess I am old 🙂 not many remember Mad Magazine.

  • CodexCoder

    And lets suppose that Wynne is convicted? What then? A $25,000 fine, no jail time, and she might (and I use that word deliberately) be drummed from office. I agree with Walter Bannon – the bureaucracy is totally infested with Liberals so even if the Conservatives get elected, Patrick Brown has neither the inclination nor the spine to rid their ranks of the pestilence. He will be stymied at every step.