Tax Payer funded Toxic Leftist legal fund rises from the dead

Next time make sure the stake hits the heart.

Charter challenges program gets new life at University of Ottawa

  • Liberal Progressive

    This will help to lower the unemployment rate.

    The last thing our government would want is a lot of poor unemployed lawyers.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    U of O.
    Are they doing this for credit?

  • Alain

    Of course. The Liberals have undone every bit of incremental progress made by Harper in less than a year. They are even going about restoring the gun registry through the back door using Quebec. The data was by law to be completely destroyed, but it wasn’t. The RCMP kept copies. It was used to target homes in High River to bush down the doors and confiscate private property, and Quebec is demanding the data in order to implement the registry in Quebec. If successful expect other provinces to follow suit.

  • Dave

    “These values are at the heart of Canadian democracy.” A democracy? We get to vote in our least disliked dictator for a few years. Sounds like a democracy to me. Kind of like P.D.R.K.

    “a revived program that helps Canadians pursue their constitutional rights in court.”
    Canadians have rights??? Since when??? Last I saw, criminals of all shape, sizes and yes desert religions have all the rights AND benefits. All while we canadians work to pay taxes to support all the f*cking losers!
    We are STILL doomed.