Stupid things Trudeau says

It turns out budgets don’t balance themselves, and Justin Trudeau is learning this the hard way.

Back in 2015, when he was leader of the third-place party, Trudeau explained his vision for the Canadian economy.

“The commitment needs to be a commitment to grow the economy and the budget will balance itself,” he explained.

  • ontario john

    And yet the polls show he would win another majority government. Everyone in Canada loves little Justin. He is so cool and wonderful. Forget about those silly things like crushing carbon taxes, uncontrolled borders, thousands of muslim invaders, military equipment falling apart, and deep deficits. He has such cute socks, and he attends every homosexual parade in Canada. He is want Canada wants!

    • Liberal Progressive

      Because everything bad is still all Stephen Harper’s fault!

      • Oracle9

        They’re still blaming Harper. Bunch of amateurs running this country.

    • Linda1000

      Sad but true. I don’t even begin to understand mindless Canuckistan anymore.

      • barryjr

        It’s Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes you don’t understand I’ll explain it for you. The above mentioned areas are parasites leeching money off areas that are successful and the welfare bums that make up the populations there want to keep the extortion payments coming from the “have provinces”. That in a nutshell is everything you need to know about federal politics in Canada.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Memo to all productive provinces:
          If you join the States you get two senators and a few congressman.

          • Minicapt

            McCain, Graham, Harris, Saunders, Schumer, Clinton … where’s the improvement?


          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I said productive provinces.

          • ECM

            If you are province that starts and ends w/ “a”, we’d be glad to have you, but Canada would have to take the other CA off our hands.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Don’t forget ‘o’ or ‘c’.

    • Alain

      Let’s just say that is what the polls want us to believe.

  • simus1

    Shiny Pony probably wanted to explain that hyperinflation would solve all problems with government debt and deficits.

    • Reader

      That was Jean-Luc Pepin’s hopes and plans under Pierre Trudeau.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Yes, hyperinflation works so well when wages are inelastic.

  • richard

    If we could harness the power of his stupidity our energy demands would be easily fulfilled.

  • Canadian Born

    My conscience is clear. When you know a family is unstable, you don’t vote for that person to run a country. Obviously, most Canadians don’t think the way I do!

  • SMC_BC

    Besides the extreme morons who thought ferret-face Jr. was a cool choice most people didn’t vote ‘for’ him. They voted for not-Stephen-Harper. People get suspicious of possible corruption when any leader is in office for a long time. After 12 years, many voters thought it was time for a just-in-case change.

    • Exile1981

      I know a lot of young people who voted for Turdeau only because he promised to legalize pot. If he fails to get it done before the next election they won’t bother to show up and he’ll loose those votes and if he does legalize it they won’t bother to show up because they got what they wanted.

      The only reason he’ll win the next election is that the conservatives elected a wet noodle.

    • Alain

      You are right about the majority who voted, voted to get rid of Harper. They had been pumped up for a good ten years of media hype and lies demonising Harper and all his party. How long did we get the “big scandal of orange juice” and then the Duffy thing went on for weeks and even months, but it was the unrelenting attacks against Harper himself. We know it really was never about the actual issue in question, since no one gave a hoot about Kadhr until Harper was in charge. Suddenly Kadhr was their poster boy, abused, mistreated and wrongly convicted. I cannot even recall the number of totally fake claims made against Harper, and in the end they got their coup. Last has to do with actual voter fraud that I know for fact took place in my own riding. I doubt this only happened here.

      • terrence22

        and the Communist Broadcasting Collective was massively, endlessly opposed to anything Harper did, or was alleged to have done, or was going to do.

  • CodexCoder

    The air head in chief has never run a business and has no clue how to increase revenues other than stealing money from others.

  • DMB