Indonesian school a launchpad for child fighters in Syria’s Islamic State

SUKAJAYA, Indonesia (Reuters) – Hatf Saiful Rasul was 11 years old when he told his father, a convicted Islamic militant, that he wanted to leave school and go to Syria to fight for Islamic State.

The boy was visiting his father in a maximum security prison during a break from Ibnu Mas‘ud, his Islamic boarding school, Syaiful Anam said in a 12,000 word essay on his son and religion that was published online.

“At first, I did not respond and considered it just a child’s joke,” he wrote. “But it became different when Hatf stated his willingness over and over.”

  • ontario john

    Nice to see all those millions of dollars Trudeau sends there, is being put to good use.

  • P_F

    Is it same school where hussein obama received his elementary education??

  • bob e

    the goon at the gate looks friendly enough ..