“Activist” suggests Quebec City is too racist for him to receive a fair trial

QUEBEC — A well-known left-wing activist suggested Wednesday he can’t be tried fairly in Quebec City because people there are too racist.

Jaggi Singh is facing a charge of obstructing justice after his arrest in connection with an Aug. 20 demonstration in the city.

He was also charged with impersonation after he jokingly identified himself to police as former NHL star Michel Goulet.

Leave our horrible country Jaggi, it’s best all round.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    I wished that I could honestly believe that there could be such a magical place in all of Canada where naked white supremacy reigned.
    Oh how I wish that many of the claims made by the left were true.

    • Alain

      So you haven’t made a trip to witness all our mobs of white supremacists roaming through cities and towns searching for any non white face to hang, or all those burning crosses found in places like Prince George, BC. My goodness it is hard anyone who isn’t a white supremacist, racist, bigot, islamophobe, homophobe, sexist or just plain old rapist.

  • Observer

    The lady doth protest too much methinks, for more than a score plus of years.

  • SDMatt

    Remember when the old National Post took up a collection to buy him a new pair of pants to replace the ones he damaged at some demonstration? The $1.93 or so raised must have bought a swell pair.

    Left-wing activist

    He’s not an activist, he’s a full-on retard.

    • John Boy

      He is a fifth columnist who wants to take down our democracy.