This isn’t anti-racism – it’s middle-class misanthropy

When is it okay for someone from a ‘solidly middle-class’ background, who was brought up by a mother who was ‘super successful’ at a ‘financial company’, to scoff at the homeless? To imply that it is they who are privileged? To remove the silver spoon from her mouth for five seconds and in her cut-glass tones declare: ‘You can be homeless and still have white privilege’? When that person is Munroe Bergdorf, the queer, trans model who was given the heave-ho by L’Oréal last week for saying all white people are racist. Ms Bergdorf is interviewed in the Guardian today, and the interview is the definition of cringe. It provides an alarming, if unwitting, insight into the competitive victimhood and class hatred that underpin modern-day identity politics. Ms Bergdorf urgently needs some PR advice, if only to disguise her prejudices.

  • Sharkibark

    Why is she appropriating my culture by having blonde hair? RAAAAAAAAACIST!

    • And why is dressed in western women’s style clothing! He is an abomination of appropriation!

  • simus1

    Must move in very elevated marxist circles.

    Fake “fighting for the underdog and the working class” is tres passe for top insiders but no need to be brutally honest about it.

  • Ed

    She’s a dick!

  • Dave

    It’s pointless, I know. But I’m going to say it again:
    “We used to treat mental illnesses , now we celebrate them.”

  • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

    The world is reaping its rewards for liberalism.