How Ted Kennedy fathered BDS and Linda Sarsour

Ted Kennedy passed the Hart-Celler law which brought in the people who intimidate and threaten Jewish students on US campuses.

We were talking about the crisis in Tel Aviv, where thousands of infiltrators have taken over parts of the town, when my friend said it’s just as bad here in the United States, except that these invaders were brought here legally. “There’s more than one Linda Sarsour,” he said. “Thousands. Maybe millions.”

For him – and for many others – it’s personal. Marv has two kids going back to college in a few weeks and he fears for their safety.

“In my day,” he said, “the college years were the best of times.”

Not so in our day. His two kids aren’t saying much about it, choosing a brave front, but he knows they’re glum about campus life gone so terribly wrong.