Dreams, Delusions and Duplicity

Between you and me, I’m in favor of deporting every single Dreamer just because of the stupid name “Dreamer”.

Failing that, I’m in favor of deporting Senators-for-Life Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch who sponsored the original “DREAM Act”, which failed. That’s to say, despite repeated efforts over the course of this century, it has not become law. It’s not an act, it’s a bill – and a flop bill, which means it’s just a pile of moldering papers sitting somewhere in the basement of the Orrin Hatch Archive and Senatorial Library soon to be built in Utah.

  • andycanuck

    Not TASTY but KOFFEE as an explanation for the Stamp Act (Killing ‘Orrible Froggy F#cks is Extremely Expensive).

    • Gary

      Sean Hannity had an Hispanic Congressmen on to talk about the DACA plan. He kept using the popular phrases by the pro-illegal groups as well as claiming their are 8 year old’s and immigrants .

      Sean demanded an answer from him about how many years it will take for an illegal to avoid arrest and get citizenship.
      The democrat refused to give an answer and said that it’s not his job and won’t give an opinions. Right…..he’s in the Congress as a democrat that let Obama cause this mess with DACA which was illegal ……but now Trump wants Congress to solve the problem and THIS guy has no opinion on it when he’ll be voting on DACA .

      Obama is on his way to Canada to speak about being a Global Citizen and he will attack Trump’s direction that he’s going which was in his election promise that got him in the White House.
      Obama was all about the Middle class and the poor . But , his dinner and talk is $1000.00 a head with an estimated 6000 people for a total of $6,000,000.00 .
      He just bought his 4th mansion as an 8000+ sq ft energy eating monster to join Al Gore’s 5 houses and Suzuki’s 4 houses in the Global Warming circle of fraudsters cashing in on the Hoax .
      Obama and his wife now hang around White Billionaires to vacation on the Yachts that get about 8 gallons per mile of Diesel fuel to spew soot that land on the water and pollutes the oceans.
      Leonardo DeCaprio also vacations on massive yachts as he tell us about Global Warming.


      • Slickfoot

        Well Gary, you just blew any chances you had of getting invited aboard the yachts.