Drama level high for bribery trial

Eyes across the province will turn to Sudbury and the 2015 byelection scandal once again Thursday, when the bribery trial begins for a pair of Liberal operatives, local businessman Gerry Lougheed Jr. and Premier Kathleen Wynne’s former chief of staff Pat Sorbara.

While the Liberal governments of Wynne and her predecessor Dalton McGuinty have endured scandal before, this time the premier herself is to testify in the Sudbury trial, along with Sudbury MPP Glenn Thibeault, now the minister of energy.

  • ontario john

    Expect her to start ranting about homophobia.

    • Exile1981

      And conservative bogey men

  • David Murrell

    Well written story from the Sudbury Star, recopied in the Toronto Sun. But it will be of interest to see how the corrupt, paid-and-bought-for national media cover this story. One technique — used by the corrupt CBC News and Globe and Mail — is to treat this story as a local, yokel affair, and bury it as “Sudbury Mews” in some obscure part of their respective web pages. Move along, move along; there is nothing to see here folks.

  • Liberal Progressive

    That is so offensive to call it bribery.

    It was merely an alternative government job offer in return for withdrawing from an election.

    Where is there any harm in that?

  • ontario john

    If this happened anywhere else, the bitch would be in jail now. Its a good thing the media is controlled by the Liberal Party. Why do you think Trudeau gave that cushy diplomatic job to that retired Toronto Star publisher.

  • WalterBannon

    Wynne is a crook. She belongs in prison. This is not the only matter she should be and is not facing criminal charges for.

  • Gary

    Justin runs the RCMP while Wynne bought off the OPP. I don’t expect much from the corrupt Courts because we see how Blacks , Muslims and gays can commit crimes that White Str8 Heterosexuals get arrested for .