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Ontario Grade 9 students to negotiate end-of-term grades

A new pilot project at a high school in Ontario will see Grade 9 students negotiating their end-of-semester grades with their teacher, an idea some experts say will help keep the focus on learning.

The students, enrolled in four courses at Mayfield Secondary School in Caledon, Ont., will receive feedback from their teacher throughout the semester, but not grades. At the end of the term, they’ll sit down with the teacher and evaluate their course work and will, ideally, come to an agreement on an appropriate final grade.

Chicago Mayor Calls City’s Public School System A “Trump Free Zone”

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, having solved all of his city’s other problems, assured students Tuesday that Chicago Public Schools are a declared “Trump Free Zone,” and that the city would not turn over any students affected by the President’s proposed DACA rollback.

“To all the Dreamers that are here in this room and in the city of Chicago: You are welcome in the city of Chicago. This is your home. And you have nothing to worry about,” Emanuel announced to a group of kids, entering school for the first day of classes. “Chicago, our schools, our neighborhoods, our city, as it relates to what President Trump said, will be a Trump-free zone. You have nothing to worry about.”

Trump Issues STRONG Defense of His Dreamer Decision

The fundamental problem with Obama’s DACA order is that it is simply an executive order. Far-reaching decisions about who is and isn’t a citizen must be determined by the legislative branch.

Trump underscores that Obama knew at the time he penned the order that what he was doing was unconstitutional:

“In referencing the idea of creating new immigration rules unilaterally, President Obama admitted that ‘I can’t just do these things by myself’ – and yet that is exactly what he did, making an end-run around Congress and violating the core tenets that sustain our Republic,” the president continues.

“There can be no path to principled immigration reform if the executive branch is able to rewrite or nullify federal laws at will,” he states.

Bush’s EPA Chief Says Trump Staff Was Totally Unprepared For Harvey Response

A former EPA chief during the Bush administration claimed Monday that the agency under President Donald Trump’s authority wasn’t prepared to deal with the fallout from Tropical Storm Harvey.

Trump should have focused on appointing regional EPA administrators in the areas Harvey pounded, Christine Todd Whitman told reporters about the president’s response to the massive storm.

North Korea’s nuclear test site at risk of imploding, Chinese scientist says

The team from the seismic and deep earth physics laboratory made the claim in a statement posted on their website on Monday. Its leader, geophysicist Wen Lianxing, said that based on data collected by more than 100 earthquake monitoring centres in China, the margin of error was no more than 100 metres.

Wang Naiyan, the former chairman of the China Nuclear Society and senior researcher on China’s nuclear weapons programme, said that if Wen’s findings were reliable, there was a risk of a major environmental disaster.

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