Oxford student union offers emotional ‘support’ for those affected by vice-Chancellor’s ‘snowflake’ comments

Oxford University students have been offered emotional “support” by their student union ​if they were adversely affected by their vice-Chancellor’s comments that it is not her job shield them from controversial opinions.

Professor Louise Richardson provoked a furious backlash when she said that students who are upset with their tutors for expressing views against homosexuality should “challenge” them, rather than reporting their tutors to university authorities.

The vice-Chancellor’s comments are likely to be seen as a veiled attack on today’s generation of “snowflake” students who are seen as over-sensitive and quick to take offence. Prof Richardson, said she has had “many conversations” with students who are unhappy that their tutors have expressed views that are “against homosexuality”.

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  • Hard Little Machine

    Another formerly top notch Uni going down in flames

    • terrence22

      It used to be a great university

  • This is why one has barbarians starting at the other side of the gates.

  • Clausewitz

    I guess he shouldn’t have called them Snowflakes. The more apt description would be Fucktards.

  • These ‘students’ who so vociferously demand that only their parroted views are valid would have been very much at home in the Inquisition mob that jailed Galileo for daring to claim that the Earth goes round the Sun.

    Professor Louise Richardson sounds a cut above the awful American ‘professors’ I keep reading about. Having said which, she will probably be sacked next week, although she may be a rarity – one with the guts to object and sue the pants off the University for wrongful dismissal.

    Having said that, with all the Lefties in the Judiciary she will probably be found in the wrong and made to pay the University’s costs, together with a swingeing fine and ordered to paint her house and car in rainbow stripes. What a world.

  • Editor

    I wonder how many of the students are genuinely offended by the opinions expressed by their professors and how many are just lazy, dishonest, manipulative liars that just recognize a good victimhood opportunity when they see it.

    ” Turn in my paper on time !?!? I can’t even right now! I’m litterally shaking!!”

    Not complying with course schedules and deadlines was one of the demands of the Evergreen State College thugs when they were holding the President hostage in his own office and a lot of these snowflakes have started complaining their studies and courseloads are infringing on their activism.

    I’m sure some of them are well and truly brainwashed and believe their own bullshit but I bet a fair portion are just playing the system. Which makes their demands and concerns even more irrelevant.