‘Not conducive to the Australian way of life’: Burqa ban appeal spreads to major party as Nationals given green light to vote on banning Muslim garment from ALL public places

The Nationals are set to vote on a motion to ban the Muslim burqa and niqab from any public place except for mosques.

North Queensland MP George Christensen is leading the charge, and will move the motion at the National Party of Australia’s federal conference on Sunday.

He is supported by Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce who has spoken out in favour of a debate on the Islamic head-covering.

  • deplorabledave

    How about we treat these MF’s like Myanmar/Burma treats them!

  • andycanuck


  • How is wearing a black body-bag under the scorching Australian sun conducive to the Australian way of life?

  • Alain

    May I cut to the chase and say that Islam is not conductive to the Australian way of life; in fact that applies to all non Muslim countries.

  • Barrington Minge

    Ban what is in them as well. We don’t need them!