ISIS touted on social media sites for teenagers to attack London Bridge a year before the atrocity happened

Junaid Hussain, Muslim Terrorist

Islamic State was touting on social media for teenage Muslims to carry out an attack on London Bridge a year before the atrocity happened.

A two-year investigation has revealed how jihadis fighting in Syria were trying to recruit impressionable young Muslims in Britain to carry out attacks.

An undercover reporter posing as a 17-year-old living with his parents was told by IS recruiters as early as July last year to target London Bridge with a ‘truck, axe, anything can work’.

  • The Butterfly

    So why didn’t the social media sites ban them like they are banning conservatives?

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      Because Conservatives are nazis!!!1!1!11!1

      Get yourself to a re-education camp straight away!

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        I must confess, I’m a white butterfly supremacist.

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          No such thing – white butterflies are actually moths

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            Apart from that…

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            Effing racist.

  • tom_billesley

    German jogging: Südländer is seen as less profiling than Nafri, until next month. When the points of the compass are no longer acceptable, it’ll be back to Ausländer.