I’m the Jewish Banker Behind the Soros Fortune

The Internet is crawling with loonie stories alleging that liberal funder George Soros is a frontman for the Rothschild banking family, in the service of a conspiracy for world government. In the 19th century, to be sure, the Rothschild bank exercised enormous power at the peak of British and French financial influence. Today the Rothschild bank in London is a boutique with annual profits of about $70 million, a rounding error in the accounts of a J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs. Never you mind, respond the paranoids: the Rothschilds are a hidden octopus, and the fact that we don’t see their money proves that it’s all a conspiracy. You can’t talk sense to tin hats.

There is one part of this story that I can clarify, however: I am the Jewish banker responsible for a large part of Soros’ fortune. It wasn’t intentional, and I’m sorry about it, but there was no conspiracy involved, let alone a Jewish one. Soros already was rich when our paths crossed; he had made several billion dollars for his investors speculating against the British pound in 1992. His next great trade was a short against the Thai baht during the great Asian financial crisis of 1997, and that’s where I came in.

  • simus1

    You can only make a fortune speculating against a country’s currency when total idiots (ie top government officials) are in charge and they have somehow been convinced that they are sitting in a financial main battle tank ready to deal out punishment to all gamblers. In reality their fortress is a windowless ruptured balloon.

    • vwVwwVwv

      You can make a fortune Speculateing, that’s capitalism and
      you can loose a fortune, that’s also capitalism, but Jews are
      expected to be more Christian than the Pope for some reason.

      • simus1

        But the first “go to strategy” for most governments with overvalued currencies usually resembles a house poor fool who thinks the way to protect his rapidly disappearing equity in a burst housing bubble is to take out high risk, high interest loans and pay top dollar for the neighbouring properties. Does not compute but almost always tried.

        • vwVwwVwv

          He gambled high, sometimes people leak wrong informations, sorros would
          have been bankrupt, if GB or Tailand have made him rich but it could have
          gone wrong, than no body would talk about Rotschilds or
          the Intergalactic Jewish Conspiracy…………..
          BUT Sorros is a Traitor and Terrorist
          in my opinion.