The Europe We Want

Speech by Geert Wilders from the Ambrosetti Conference

Thank you for having me here today. I applaud the fact that you invite someone who does not share your enthusiasm for the European Union. Or your European dream, as Euro commissioner Frans Timmermans just called it. To be honest: his dream is my nightmare.

I realize that my views are different from those of the many members of the European establishment in our midst, but I am an optimist.

I believe in a positive future for Europe as a community of independent, sovereign and democratic nations — working together without a supranational political union — a Europe without the European Union.

I believe that true democracy can only exist and flourish within a nation state. National sovereignty combined with domestic culture gives us our identity. As does control over our own borders and budget and the right to decide how to use it ourselves as a nation.

  • Ho Hum

    As someone who has great respect for Geert Wilders I was very disappointed to see this tweet from him today “great to meet US Senator John McCain today in Italy”.

    Is he not aware of John McCain’s ties to ISIS? (photographed with head of ISIS – Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi – in 2013). It is because of treasonous warmongers like John McCain that Europe is being invaded by millions of refugees from the middle east. The only thing “great” about John McCain is when he drops dead from brain cancer – that day cannot come soon enough!

    • Blacksmith