Terror attacks caused by “misinterpretation” of Quran by mosques, claims Scots Muslim issued with death threat fatwa

A SCOTTISH Muslim writer who received death threats over his critique of Islam has sparked a fresh religious row over claims that recent ISIS-inspired terror attacks are the result of mosques “misinterpreting” the Koran.

Paigham Mustafa, 58, was accused of spreading “Satanic thoughts” in a fatwa issued by 15 imams in Glasgow after he published a series of articles questioning mosque teachings, which he says are based on the Hadith and Sunna, later Islamic texts, written after the Koran, which he claims are “replete with violence, misogyny and terror”.

In the fatwa which was distributed to thousands of Muslims in Glasgow in 2001 it was alleged that Mustafa sought to “damage and destroy the doctrines of Islam” and “inject poison” into the minds of young people.

Hate to say it by the Imam’s are right, they are interpreting Islam correctly, it is a violent hateful cult.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Forbid the Koran, it’s easy misinterpreted and causes deaths, war, destruction
    and bestiality.

    • Maurice Miner

      Laugh at it, hold it up to contempt and ridicule. We do NOT ban books in a truly free society.

      • vwVwwVwv

        It’s not a book it’s a gun with no safety, to large magazine, going off unintentional….

        • Maurice Miner

          True, true, but as most believers see it, the Qu’ran is a book of absolute holiness.

          We must ridicule that book, and show our utter contempt for those who adhere to that book over and above everything else.

      • canminuteman

        We are not a free society when we have people issuing official death threats against other people because of their beliefs. You are right that in a free society we don’t ban books, what we should do is deport the “fatwa” issuing imams and all their followers and bulldoze their mosques and turn them into parking lots. What do you think is going to happen to those neighbourhoods when the kids who go to those mosques grow up and have ten kids each themselves?

        • Blacksmith

          Spot on, I would however make one alteration, instead of parking lots make them into pig farms.

    • Islam is what must be forbidden. The banning of a book, that normal humans might want to read to gain an insight into the teachings of the most vile and violent cult on the planet, should never be permitted. Such a ban is an affront to free speech and civilisation.

      A violent, quasi-religious, politico-military cult, on the other hand, contributes nothing to civilisation or scholarship, and should be banned outright. Its leaders should be deported and its mosques razed to the ground. Anyone caught practising or preaching it should be instantly banished from the land. The ban should be maintained with the utmost ruthlessness.

      As the current crop of gormless, charmless, spineless and brainless Western politicians will clearly never do that, it behoves the civilised folk of the West to find someone who will. Doubtless when the lives of Europeans become so foul that they feel they have no more to lose, they will seek out such a man.

      The result will not be for the squeamish, but hopefully it will be effective. The blame for the need of it will lie squarely with the current crop of gormless, charmless, spineless and brainless Western politicians

      • mobuyus

        I like the cut of your jib.

  • Gary

    He thinks that it’s a few bad apples but that’s because he never toured the orchard to see that 90% of the trees are poisoned and producing toxic fruit that getting the people killed that eat the apples.
    Cut down the trees and use TNT on the stump to kill the roots and rid the earth of this toxic fruit .

  • Brett McS

    I admire these reforming Muslims, but the problem is that Islamic doctrine spends most of its time talking about how to deal with infidels, or else the minutia of Bedouin Arab cultural practices. The amount of actual positive religious sentiment is extremely small. Burn all the crap off and there is nothing of significance left. Certainly nothing that will attract a following.

  • irishrus

    Huh? The only group misinterpreting the Koran is so called ‘moderates’ who tried to make it just a liberal darling brutal culture with its liberal bestowed privileges rather than plain old evil, as it comes

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Perhaps they are misinterpreting the scripture, even deliberately, but reverse taqiyya might be a good thing if it civilizes the adherents and snaps them out of their hostile funk. Egyptian president Al Sisi has also called for reforms that civilize the faithful.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    “Scottish Iman” just doesn’t sound right, Neither does “15 Imams in Glasgow”.

  • tom_billesley

    Here’s an imam that knows his stuff.
    A notorious Islamist hate preacher who called for Britain to be “destroyed” is asking to meet with MPs in Parliament.

    Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, a former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and current Imam of the city’s Al-Aqsa Mosque, will visit Britain as part of a delegation organised by Pro-Palestinian group EuroPal, according to Jewish News Online.
    An email sent to MPs announced the details of Sabri’s visit agenda and offered meetings in parliament with the group between Monday 11 and Friday 15 September.
    Shockingly in a 2001 radio sermon he called for the destruction of Britain and the US and said: “Allah, destroy the US, its helpers and its agents. Allah, destroy Britain, its helpers and its agents. Allah, prepare those who will unite the Muslims and march in the steps of Saladin.”
    Sabri has a history of anti-Semitic and terrorist-supporting views, including advocating using children for terrorist means.