Kim Jong Un’s Thermonuclear Joyride

Following North Korea’s sixth nuclear test, advertised by Pyongyang as an ICBM-ready hydrogen bomb, it was good to hear Defense Secretary James Mattis talking tough. But that won’t stop North Korea from building nuclear missiles. It won’t stop North Korea’s threats against the U.S. and our allies. I’d wager it won’t even interfere with Kim Jong Un’s enjoyment of his apparently ample meals.

Mattis stressed Kim’s peril in his remarks on Sunday, when he said: “Any threat to the United States or its territories, including Guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response.” Mattis added the backhanded threat that “we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely, North Korea, but as I said, we have many options to do so.”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Kim may not understand that there is too much at stake for Trump to back down now. Anyone capable of adding two plus two can figure out that after 23 years, diplomacy is for losers. Kim may also not realize that Americans have a history of finally doing the right thing after all conceivable alternatives have been tried.

  • More pressure should be put on China. Kim needs to be deposed.

    Or dragged through Pyongyang with a rusty meat-hook.

    Whatever comes first.

  • DMB

    Just wait until UN weapons inspectors arrive in North Korea to monitor the situation.

  • Hard Little Machine

    China has a policy of ambiguity not much different from that of the US. An attack on a client state on their border could be construed as an attack on them.