Examining the “Ten Truths about Jihad”

The Muslim Reform Movement’s attempts to represent a merciful, inclusive Islam are best called Fantasy Islam. Learn what the Koran says here.

  • Alain

    Truth be told it is not even necessary to read the Koran to know what Islam is. Just note the behaviour of Muslims every place they exist. Their behaviour gives the lie to the myth of the “religion of peace”.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If the reformers are genuine and sincere about reforming Islam, I wish them lots of luck. So far, I have yet to see an imam declare like a Talmudic sage, “Anyone who believes in a strict and literal interpretation of the Koran is a fool.”

    • caliroxanne

      Islam can’t reform. Perhaps Individual Muslims can reform by choosing to totally leave and denounce Islam. These so-called reformers are some of the most dangerous people because their lies groom and trick society into accepting the lie that most Muslims are peaceful.