All This ‘True Conservative’ Talk About ‘Principles’ Is Just Another Lie

After two years of lectures about “principles” and “the Rule of law” by the establishment-loving hacks furious that normal Americans rejected them and elected Donald Trump, their performance last week demonstrated that their high-minded dedication to conservatism is all a fraud. It’s not about “principles” or “the Rule of Law.” It’s only about holding on to power – theirs.

  • Alain

    They only way to remove them from the public teat and their seat on the gravy train is to turf them out of office. They will cling to what they have going and have going for decades until their last breath. I call them the Establishment, since their party membership is only make-believe.

  • mauser 98
  • simus1

    The sleazy hired help at the beck and call of billionaire habitual rent seekers when they aren’t busy feathering their own nests.