Wynne’s dishonest carbon tax

To whom it may concern, you elected this: government by sexual deviance. Don’t do it again.

Through deliberate political decision-making, Premier Kathleen Wynne and her government have basically turned Ontario’s carbon pricing system into a political slush fund.

I’m not saying it’s illegal.

I’m saying its primary purpose isn’t to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change.

It’s to grow government revenues and buy political support for the Liberals heading into the June, 2018 election.

  • Reader

    Just wait for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal’s federal “Carbon Tax” to support his ever increasing spending and ever expanding federal bureaucracy.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Wow. The day after the Christian Sabbath and BCF challenges me with a picture of pure evil! What am I to do? How am I supposed to react to this provocation?

    Living in Ontario has become a daily challenge to one’s moral character. KW plans to keep it that way. Perhaps a lightning bolt could set her straight, but I somehow doubt it. To my knowledge, Pure Evil cannot become good.

    • Sick ideologues will do that to you.

      • Justin St.Denis


      • ontario john

        Nazi!! Report yourself to the Toronto Star!

    • Observer

      That is what vomiting is for.

  • mauser 98
  • A Hamilton Guy

    Other than idiots, nobody will donate money to the lieberals.

  • laja kurc

    Is this freak show supposed to be normal? What would Lord Simcoe have said?