Witches: The Most Recent Victimized Minority to Come Out of the Closet

Move over LGBTQ activists and Black Lives Matter.  The most recent victimized minority to “come out of the closet” and demand acceptance and attention is your local witches’ coven.  That’s right – witchcraft, Wicca — call it what you will – these poor persecuted souls are demanding we embrace their occult practices as the fastest-growing “faith” or “religion” in the country.  The words “faith” and “religion” are repeatedly used to describe witchcraft in an investigative piece that recently aired on News 12 Now in Westchester County NY.   Our sympathy is piqued for these oppressed faithful as we’re told that “not so long ago, witches were actually hunted!”

  • Brett McS

    Historically, witches were women who had no children of their own and who stole other women’s children.

    So basically, what the Left are today.

    • Alain

      I suggest that historically they tended to be healers using tradition herbal remedies. It was the Church of Rome that saw them as a threat and invented most of the images of witches that are still around today.

      I have known and been friends with a few authentic witches who were good, honest and hard working people, and some of whom were males. Those had no time for all the new-age witches of Wicca; they minded their own business and unless they trusted you you would never know they were witches. As for the other self-proclaimed witches, I think they are mostly attention seekers like many other groups today. While as long as they are law-abiding I do not agree with criminalising them or their cult, but just do not expect me to take them seriously.

      In closing let me say that neither group have anything in common with the fictional characters in Bewitched or Harry Potter. I have yet to meet one who flew or could bring down the wrath of heaven on an enemy. Still to the best of my knowledge I am unaware of any witch hunts (other than against conservatives) or persecution of witches today with the exception of Muslim countries.

      • Brett McS

        How many of these authentic witches were mothers?

        • Alain

          I have only known or know a few and of the women all but one are happily married with children. Oh, I should point out they are married to men. One isn’t but is not a lesbian nor a man hater. Of course you may be right about many being spinsters, as I can only judge from my small sampling of people I know or have known. The point that I was attempting to make was that they really had nothing in common with all the new age self-declared witches seeking public attention and claiming discrimination. In fact the ones I know find those people an embarrassment and avoid them like the plague.

          Yes, I stand corrected about my use of “traditional remedies”. They were what we now call herbal remedies and were effective in most cases as opposed to the blood-drawing, leeches and a lot of other nonsense of the time.

  • Exile1981

    So I guess quoting the Malleus Maleficarum is about to become a hate crime….

  • irishrus

    any group that hates Judeo- Christians is favored by the establishment and the more hateful or evil the better