What turns a Hong Kong maid towards Islamic State?

Hery Ramawati, 32, from Indonesia is walking with a friend in Victoria Park, Hong Kong, looking for some shade where they can sit and share a meal. Many of the city’s 156,000 Indonesian domestic helpers come here on Sundays to enjoy what is, for most, their only day off.

Hery and her friend both wear jeans, trainers and a hijab – a headscarf that covers the head and neck, but not the face nor the rest of the body. Ramawati’s hijab is pink, matching her lipstick.

A report last week that about 45 of her fellow migrant workers in Hong Kong had been radicalised and forged ties with the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) left her in shock. “I felt sad when I heard about it. It is so dangerous,” Ramawati said.

  • Dana Garcia

    Can we dispense with the “moderate Indonesian Islam” nonsense yet?

  • Tooth&Claw

    Islam is Islam, and it is not peaceful in regards to unbelievers, Christians and Jews. Hell Shia and Sunni can’t even get along!

  • Hktony

    More shit pc from scmp
    This idea that we must be more tolerant and help minorities is pushed in all universities in hk now. The students brain washed as others around the world.
    These maids many married and with children still painted as victims.
    If they don’t like the job f off back to your husband and children.
    There are pakis all over hk now too. Selling crap clothes in shop fronts on sundays
    Food delivery all being done by pakis.
    More shitting halal kebab shops in tourist areas! The chinese hk idiots won’t know what hit them when muzz numbers increase further. O yes and lots of blacks too now in hk. The liberal cancer is spreading globally

  • Blacksmith

    Indonesian pisslamist? I guess that blows the old Asians are smarter line right out of the water eh?