What should we do with Toronto’s controversial statues?

From Queen’s Park, they face outwards down University Ave.

Elevated above the path walked daily by Ontario politicians, the historic statues look down with steely eyes. They have done so for decades. Down the road, at city hall, there are even more of the figures.

The impact of such statues has been the subject of growing debate in recent weeks.

OK. But tear down the homage to buggery as well.

Alexander Wood – statue made to honour penchant for buggery among tiny minority of population.

  • maryann

    The lefts march through the institutions is now complete

  • Martin B

    Stalin is alive and well and he’s the editor of the Toronto Star.

  • Liberal Progressive

    We need to purge all these figures not just from public spaces but from all history books, leaving only the true heroes like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chávez, Che Guevera and Pierre Trudeau!

  • Martin B

    “What if someone wanted to erect a statue of (Stephen) Harper? What if someone wanted to erect a statue of Rob Ford?…Public space is not the place for partisan art”

    What if someone DID erect a statue of Jackoff Layton, Asian sex trafficking victim not included?

    • JoKeR

      We need to start a Gofundme campaign.

      Do they make Asian sex blowup dolls? If so we need to start purchasing them (possibly to be filled up with Great-Stuff expanding foam so they can’t be deflated) and gluing or wiring them onto the bicycle handles or seat in various poses (as they will definitely get taken down). That Great-Stuff is very sticky so it could also be used as a glue (don’t get it on your skin).

      It would be a tribute to the victims of Jack Layton’s sexual habits.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        Yea’: One on the bike with jack doing it doggy style.

      • Observer

        So how much would ten blowup dolls for Jack cost?