TV ads: why whites and straights are out

According to a report in The Times on Saturday, advertisers are ‘so worried about being accused of racism or homophobia’ that they are shying away from using images of white people and straight couples. A survey of 500 companies by Shutterstock Inc reveals that a third of advertisers questioned said they had used fewer white models and heterosexuals over the past year, and they were taking this approach to ‘prevent perceived discrimination’. Marketing departments are even putting diversity above relevance to their target audience, ‘to avoid accusations of bigotry’.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I saw a tv ad for some resort and it was kind of funny that it was all white people bit they added one black family at the very beginning

  • DaninVan

    Well, here’s a news flash for them; it grates on my nerves. I’m seriously deterred from doing business with these trend whores.
    Next step; TELL them they’ve just lost a customer!
    (White hetero males far outnumber they’re alternative target market; unless they’re selling rainbow condoms…stop it. Now.)

  • Ho Hum

    And when white people are included in ads they are portrayed as stupid and inferior to blacks and other races. This State Farm ad is so typical of the anti-white ads so prevalent today.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    The strategy is to hunt straight-white-males to extinction.
    This is a competition strategy and is deliberate.

  • mauser 98

    every white guy on commercials is a idiot dweeb…been for years

  • mauser 98

    those DNA ancestry commercials….yea!! i’m 26% native Indian

    think there will be some brown guy saying ..yea!! i’m 26% white..?

  • Dana Garcia

    What burns me up are the mixed race families — far more than in real life (which I read somewhere, maybe here).

    Just sell the damn product, don’t lecture me with your diversity crap religion.

  • Bla Bla

    I’ll save those companies from my racist dollars. Just helping out!

  • Gary

    Rogers cable is trying to buy favour from the blacks and Muslims by its new AD to promote the Ted Rogers Scholarship . The AD makes it look like canada is 80% black and 70% females.
    Rogers has a journalism class at Ryerson and bet they don’t want it protested by the BLM terrorists or islamists trying to shut down free speech.
    But the media created these monsters from the Liberal bias to bash non-liberals a nazi’s and they faield to condemn BLM and ANTIFA .

    The ad is actually insulting for minorities because it makes their parents look like uncaring morons that pump out low IQ morons that can’t earn a place in a college or University.
    Plus…..Obama started the myth that all the geniuses on earth are in the ghettos with a drug addicted single mom and they just need a chance like the white kids do.
    Right, Obama just signed a book deal for $70+ million, bought his 4th mansion at 8.2 million and 8500 sq ft , vacations with white billionaires and his daughter is going to a white safe University.
    Hardly an oppressed black child in a ghetto.

  • Ho Hum

    There should be a concerted campaign to boycott companies that produce all these anti-white commercials. Of course it is hard to target all companies but the most egregious ones should be singled out. I noticed State Farm is one such company and another is Old Spice. In their commercial below a shirtless muscular black guy (who looks like he is covered in a thick layer of grease) punches out a scrawny pasty white guy in a locker room (at 3:05 we see a different version of the same anti-white ad).

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      I’m running out of things I am willing to buy and organizations I’m willing to support.
      That’s fine because it reminds me that I shouldn’t be spending my money on them in the first place.
      Remember, bittorrent ALL entertainment.
      Not one more dime.

  • This is of course terrible. It is the most effective announcement and instrument of population replacement. It says: this is today’s typical population (no matter what the statistics say). This is your world, the one you must accept and adapt to. In fact the advertisers are propagandists.

  • Jay Currie

    If only I watched television I might possibly care…But I don’t and I don’t.

    All this is going to get much, much worse before there is any chance of it getting better.

    But if your house is flooding what you really want is a white guy who can swim and drive a boat pulling up to your front door. Houston has pretty much proven that.

  • Jay Currie
  • ed

    the bbc over the past 2 years have dropped white presenters as if they are a nasty smell , now we get useless token black and brown people that the bbc spend up £50,000 per person on private training to try and get them up to scratch ,and they are still useless , countryfile a long standing program has dropped 3 female to pretty to white presenters for 2 Asian and 1 black , when I go in the uk countryside black and brown people are as rare as the dodo , [ ed uk ]

    • marty_p

      For those in Toronto we get the same on the local news.
      I now call Citypulse news “P@ki_pulse news.
      Last night’s 6pm CFTO TV news had a black female newscaster + a dark skinned East Indian side kick + a black sportscaster and a white female weatherperson.

  • Blacksmith

    I have noticed this a lot over the last few years, I used to ignore the commercials, now I actively change the channel of mute them. Mostly black and other minorities and if there is a white it is usually a woman and she is attached to one of the minorities mostly blacks. Thus I tend to ignore them. I am losing respect for white women who are propagating this mentality as well. I don’t trust them to make rational decisions when they display this so why should I consider whatever they are selling? These advertisers seem to be ignorant as to who is buying their vacation packaged and products.