The Great Cultural Swindle

Meanwhile in Canada… The Prime Minister consorts with Drag Queens.

Forget about the ‘culture wars’. What Australia, and indeed the West, is now being subjected to, and in many ways torn asunder by, is The Great Cultural Swindle. This is a mammoth rort whereby normal, hard-working, decent, trusting people and their families are being conned by a group of cultural charlatans and frauds: best known as our progressive media, political, academic and business elites.

Yet rather than stealing their wealth – although they are doing that too – this new gang of con artists is pick-pocketing mainstream Australia’s, and the West’s, cultural values.

These values are being pilfered from the decent, freedom-loving, overly-complacent majority by a growing leftist, socialist minority for whom the hard-working Aussie is a figure of ridicule and contempt.

h/t Marvin