Peril in Numbers: Affirmative-action hiring endangers the FDNY.

“Firefighters do not run into burning buildings,” says New York City Fire Captain Paul Washington. Of course they don’t! Firefighters rescue kittens from trees. If you doubt it, just ask the hundreds of FDNY widows and orphans from 9/11. But Captain Washington is an affirmative-action recruiter, so his eye-popping assertion needs to be put in its proper context. It came in the service of a program founded on a falsehood and perpetuated by lies.

No one took Washington at his word when he spun this yarn at the Borough of Manhattan Community College recently. His audience, a group of potential firefighters, laughed nervously at his absurd remark. Of course, firefighters “run into burning buildings” virtually every day. Why else would they be on the scene, if not for the fire, and how else would they put it out, if not from inside?

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