Peril in Numbers: Affirmative-action hiring endangers the FDNY.

“Firefighters do not run into burning buildings,” says New York City Fire Captain Paul Washington. Of course they don’t! Firefighters rescue kittens from trees. If you doubt it, just ask the hundreds of FDNY widows and orphans from 9/11. But Captain Washington is an affirmative-action recruiter, so his eye-popping assertion needs to be put in its proper context. It came in the service of a program founded on a falsehood and perpetuated by lies.

No one took Washington at his word when he spun this yarn at the Borough of Manhattan Community College recently. His audience, a group of potential firefighters, laughed nervously at his absurd remark. Of course, firefighters “run into burning buildings” virtually every day. Why else would they be on the scene, if not for the fire, and how else would they put it out, if not from inside?

Meanwhile at the Star… Canadian medicine has a diversity problem

  • mauser 98
  • Alain

    This is not just in NYC but throughout the US and Canada. Affirmative Action continues to endanger lives especially in the following: military, law enforcement, fire fighters, prison guards, and a whole lot more.

    • Clink9

      Those Police Academy movies were more accurate at predicting the future than Nostradamus.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I want a doctor with good listening skills, a polite demeanor, sympathetic and one that’s extremely competent. I don’t give a rat’s posterior if that doctor is a woman, or has a really dark tan.
    I do care if that doctor is themselves biased against my ethnicity or belief system.
    Suck on that Toronto Star and Adam Kassam.

    • Starlord

      Kassam probably has a chip on his shoulder, probably slightly racist himself and pretty sure he is a bigot…

  • DMB

    Back in December my brother graduated from Ontario Police College to serve as a Police Constable in Ontario. As a white male it took him 5 years to get recruited. During the graduation ceremony I could not believe the amount of female recruits. I would say it would be nearly half the recruits were female. Not only female but how so many were approximately 5″4″ and I would guess around 140 pounds. Can you imagine one of these female officers up against a male suspect over 6″ tall and over 250 pounds! If they are going to recruit female officers at least hire someone in a strong physical condition. This applies even more so to firefighters since it is an extremely physically demanding job and their are no desk jobs for them!

    • mauser 98

      ..not in the script..going on for decades..RCMP 30 years ago
      CBC , gubermint job notices have outright stated no white men apply

      • Alain

        I knew more than one RCMP officer who either was table to take early retirement with penalties or just quit over this rubbish and the whole politicalisation of the force.

    • DaninVan

      Are they going to partner them with other 5′ 4″ female cops, or are they planning on having them partner with 6′ males who’ll need to spend their shifts covering for their smaller shift mate.
      Not being sarcastic here, just realistic. I’m sure there are some aspects of patrolling that the women will do just fine at, but when it comes to subduing a drunk 240lb belligerent, well you know who’s going to take the shitkicking.

      • mauser 98

        a ‘hire more useless cops make fake jobs’ program

      • Alain

        I don’t know about cops but I do know that federal prison guards, the competent ones in male prisons never want to be partnered with one, because it puts his own life in danger. Your life depends on the competence and ability of your partner.

        • mauser 98

          have read no female US Marine recruit has ever passed a full undiluted unscammed boot camp test

          • Alain

            Of course not. In Canada they water down the requirements, especially the physical ones along with marksmanship in weapons training, because otherwise the women could not pass.

    • Alain

      That sounds much like the RCMP and Vancouver cops.

      • Exile1981

        Calgary cops as well.

    • Clink9

      It’s beyond a joke now.

    • Gary

      In early August I witnessed a 9-1-1 for an issue near Bloor street in the West end.
      A Fire truck showed up even thought cop car and MES truck drove by. There were 3 large old males that got out to help an old lady on the sidewalk with a broken ankle . Next was the shocker when I saw the driver
      that looked like a teenage punk with quasi mohawk hair style .
      The door opens and i see this little guy climb down from a cabin to help a women on the sidewalk . Okay….but three men were there waiting for the EMS and they are trained in First Aid and CPR going back to the 1960’s as I remember it.

      Suddenly I realize it’s a typical SJW tomboy looking feminist around 5′- 5″ and maybe 120 lbs . She tends to the women as only women can do because men are morons and abusers.
      She spends about 5 minutes to find out what the men knew by how her foot was almost at 90 degrees to her shin and it hurt. Then the para Medics show up and it’s two females around 5 foot 6 inches…..the women is made stable and now she has to get in the Gurney.

      I shook my head as the three men had to pick her up onto the gurney after the three girls couldn’t lift her.
      How nice that little Cricket or Buffy get to drive the truck and play with the lights as sirens.

      Just wait until Barbara Hall is stuck on the 3rd floor of her house that is on fire and Little Britney appears at the end of the ladder that is approaching the window to rescue her.
      Bye Bye for her as she becomes a Barb-B-Q as her Just Desserts for imposing hiring quotas based on being in a minority group and not for meeting the standards to save all Lives.
      Wives should be livid if the husbands dies in a fire and makes the same money as little Katlyn that drive the truck but doesn’t have to do the dangerous stuff.

      Also I’be got some Photos from a local outdoor pool run by the City where I’ll edit them and show you that the City now hires the snowflakes to be Lifeguards in Toronto while one of them was obese and could not have met the old standards i had to meet in the 1970’s.

      Saturday was sunny but cool as i watched the Air show in Toronto by the Lakeshore.
      For the first time in over 50 years I saw Lifeguards fully dressed with stretch pants , Life guard T-shirt , pull over sleeveless Red top , socks and Hoodies because it was cold… hell with jumping in the pool to save a child because they’ll call 9-1-1 and request a cop that can swim.
      Because it was sunny during the summer I saw how the Lifeguard Stands now had a mounting pole for an Umbrella which the also used from their sensitive skin at risk of the UV rays and skin cancer .

      What’s worse it that the yahoos at City Hall must be fans of Baywatch where the pretty girls don’t actually rescue the person. Each one of them had this strange flotation item that looked like a sponge Tootsy Roll on a string that was about 2 meters long.
      I guess nobody told them what the mini Diving board under their feet was for and that the ladder was just to get up there to save people and not to climb down to blow a whistle that they saw a child on the bottom of the pool.
      How the hell can they have a view beyond 180 degrees with a hoodie and huge umbrella because they are also expected to watch the decks to people that may gave taken sick or got out of the pool and passed out.
      I’m going back on Monday and I got to get a photo of the obese girl because I have never seen one at the Olympic level or even the long distance female swimmer that usually have a layer of fat that gives them the edge over men in the cold waters.

      Toronto doesn’t gibe a damn if your children are at risk to drown in the pool. Nobody goes to jail or get fired in the City Union jobs or the TTC unless they have to do it to keep the peace.
      I took picture because I knew the City would deny it or make excuses and claim it wasn’t that bad.
      In the 1960’s I had all my awards to be a lifeguard by age 14 but when I turned 16 the Parks and Rec summer jobs were overt Nepotism when the children of big shots at City Hall boasted about it .
      A friend that work at a Pool full time had told me that I could out swim every one of the female Life Guards and 90% of the men because the Summer program wasn’t as strict for Swimming awards as a full time rec Centre staff member.

      Today the nepotism has be replaced by Diversity jobs but I bet if you dug deep most of the White girls have a relative in CUPE or connection to a MPP .

  • k1962

    Yes, let’s pick who gets into med school based on their colour. We could do the same for other professions and trades as well. Push whitey to the margins of society, regardless of how much work he puts into getting good grades. That will work out well I’m sure.

    Maybe, just maybe, too much diversity is not our strength and yet Trudeau the idiot keeps pushing it on us.

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      Come to my town for diversity in medicine. Several “physicians” from Nigeria.

      • Alain

        OMG. Poor you and others from your town.

        • The Deplorable Rosenmops

          Yup. I guess the government thinks they a good enough for small town folks. If they haven’t passed Canadian exams they let them practice “provisionally” for as long as they want, apparently.

          • k1962

            Wow, talk about a double standard. Most Canadians don’t get to practice their professions without passing board exams. Terrible.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Adam Carolla tells the story of being on the LAFD waiting list for 7 years and when he was finally allowed to take the test he was standing behind a 5ft tall Mexican girl who mentioned she was on the list for 4 days.

  • Hard Little Machine

    My GP is a black Harvard grad. My cardio guy is Pakistani. My oncologist is a French Jew my other oncologist is Russian. See the thing is they’re good at their jobs because they’re good at their jobs not because they met a racial quota.

  • DMB
    • Gary

      I thought is was pretty pathetic about about 10 years ago when female Cop in Toronto had died on the job where the media painted it as a tragedy because had a 3 years old girl.
      So I guess that all the men Cops that died and have 3 year old daughters don’t count in the new PC world of Diversity.

      The cop was also brave and served with dignity. But when I read the whole story from the Police records of what happened….she died while responding to a call where she ran a red light but didn’t look to see the area was clear. A car was going at the speed limit on their Green Light
      and had entered the intersection to clip the police cars rear corner where it spun around and slide into a pole.
      I learned from motor cycles when i was 16 that you can’t assume that because the Light is Green that it’s safe to just accelerate through because I’ve seen far to man y vehicles run the red light and aren’t even looking.
      People that just cross the street on a Green are the ones getting killed in several cases as are those at a cross walk that just push the button and cross.

      Today, I see Fire Trucks and EMS vehicles that are shy to run a red light because of the yahoos with loud music and learn to dive in their own language and had paid to pass the test by a corrupt Examiner as we saw going on years ago .

      I think that once the bodies pile up…..Barbara Hall just might start caring about public safety first and not a quota system for men with dresses and women with a penis.

      • V10_Rob

        No, because it still doesn’t effect her, personally. Deaths of first responders and civvies are all just freak tragedies that in no way reflect flaws in her utopian ideology.

        Now, if she were stuck in a burning building and the only firefighters available to pull her out are yougogirls, THEN maybe she might have second thoughts.

        • Gary

          Agree , but my point was that the Media and Politicians had more compassion to pull the heartstrings of the Public to have a group Mourn for a female cop that died in a car crash .
          If a female Firefighter dies from a slips from a ladder at 60 feet , she will be exalted and have a statue erected at the Fire Station .

  • simus1

    Always listen and learn from Captain Washington.
    He meant that those slated for rocket assisted promotion to bring “visible minority fairness” to the higher reaches of the department would be spending so much time on prerequisite to promotion courses they would be lucky to spot anything on the way to a fire, much less get a chance to even observe how a real one is fought.
    See: arabia – emir’s sons sitting in glassed in executive offices doing nothing for a historical perspective on the “new to the west equal outcomes” philosophy.

  • El Martyachi ✓ᴴᵉˡᶦᶜᵒᵖᵗᵉʳᶦˢᵗ

    Say it together: egalitotalitarian.

  • canminuteman

    They voted for it, they can live with the consequences. I have already told my children that they had better plan for a trade or a profession they can be self employed at, because it is the only way they will ever get a job.

    • Gary

      Let’s how the system works when Blacks , women and muslims are running everything because so far the nations that are black and muslims don’t do too well for being safe and productive.

      Also , when the Permit Office at City Hall is run by jamaicans and burka clad women…don;t be shocked if you need a translator for arabic and have to wait 2 times as long for Reggie to take you application to the 3rd floor .

  • Malcolm Y

    The FDNY has an organization for black firemen – the Vulcan Society. It sued the FDNY about something relating to promotions etc. One of the complaints of the Vulcans was that white firemen were studying books on the techniques of dealing with fires and this was an unfair advantage.

  • Minicapt