Inside the Iraqi courts sentencing IS suspects to death

I’m with the Queen of Hearts on the matter of sentencing ISIS prisoners.

A young man wearing a shabby, brown prisoner’s outfit stands before three black-robed judges in a tiny, provincial courtroom, shaking nervously.

After sipping some water, he confirms his name: Abdullah Hussein. He is accused of fighting for so-called Islamic State (IS).

“The decision of the court has been taken according to articles 2 and 3 of the 2005 Counterterrorism Law,” states the judge. “Death by hanging.”

And then Hussein – who, like many suspects here, was picked up on the Mosul frontline – breaks down crying.

  • BillyHW

    I was hoping for death by ugu, but hanging will do.

  • mobuyus

    Maybe imam trudeau grand mufti muktar and true mahdi of Canada will hear these tears and send sophie to sooth the sufferers with her velvety tones. These persecuted islamopiphicines sound like solid principled liberal cabinet material.

  • Martin B

    I’ll bet Hussein wasn’t crying when he was raping little Christian girls. Hurry up and hang him, Hell is waiting.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Grease the rope with good ole pork lard.

  • Ego

    Dear Angela would probably add them to her “quotas” and try to” integrate” them.
    Like you can integrate rabies.

  • Dave

    Maybe HRW needs a good hanging too. Whiny IS loving ‘tards. Why wasn’t HRW there for the christians and others murdered by IS???

  • Malcolm Y

    Elisabeth I had a suitable punishment for High Treason.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’m shocked, shocked that the Iraqi government would administer victor’s justice.

  • WalterBannon

    too bad they are hanging them, they should be put in a cage a set on fire with gasoline, as is their own way.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You could pretty much wipe out the population of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and the world would be a better place.