Excuse me, but your cognitive dissonance is showing

On June 5 in Brighton, Melbourne, at a spot I have driven past countless times, there was a terrorist incident. An armed Muslim, Yacqub Khayre, crying out support for the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, took a hostage, killed a hotel worker, and engaged police in a shootout, until he was shot dead. It is hard to imagine a less likely place for jihadist violence than affluent, Anglo Brighton, with its tidily quiet tree-lined streets of multi-million dollar homes. If it could happen in Brighton, it could happen anywhere.

  • Gary

    I was down at the West end beach of Toronto and still don’t see how it makes sense that Niqab clad women would want to go there when men in skimpy bathing suit are around.
    I saw a fully dressed man with a prayer rug that was doing Sunni style prayers as he thought he was facing mekkah. But, News Flash to muslims … the Earth is round and you can’t face mekkah the other way and the time zone are different so you aren’t really praying with other muslms at the same time.
    My guess is that muslims are getting us used to being tolerant over a few muslims praying at a public park area. But then they will dominate one day with an annual picnic or Saturday event to do prayers and also demand the City enforce a dress code at the beach , no smoking , no non-islamic prayers and so on as we see for every nation these people invade.
    They now have 3 mosques in our Public schools system which started with them playing the victim as an oppressed minority and they need just a little tiny space for they child to do prayers.
    Now a gym is a mosque and the cafeteria in another school.

    Looks like their Prophet couldn’t see the future to know the Earth was round and that Sunrise depends on where you are as well as the full moon .
    Since the Moon is moving away form the earth a few inches each year…..it will one day break free from earths’ pull and hurl into space which will really screw up Ramadan and the full moon Prayers.

    • Barrington Minge

      We all know yer mooslims are not that bright!!