CNN, MSNBC, New York Times Totally Ignore Kansas ‘Kill All White People’ Murder Suspect

A story about an African-American male who allegedly murdered multiple white men after once saying he wanted to “kill all white people” is being completely ignored by the liberal media.

Fredrick Demond Scott, a 22-year-old black male, has been charged this week with the murder of Steven Gibbons and John Palmer, two middle-aged white males. Gibbons was reportedly found dead on August 14 of this year and Gibbons was killed in Aug. 2016.

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  • LairdKintyre

    If the races were reversed in this story it would be headline news in every major news outlet in NorthAmerica and Europe for months. There would be documentaries, analysists studing how society produced him, along with the usual Trump blaming. There would be daily lashings from the Democrats and Leftist celebrities to the racist USA. But to even suggest this would be so makes you a racist

  • Ho Hum

    In popular culture blacks are taught by the people who control the media that it is OK to kill white people. I recall Jamie Foxx recounting his role in Django Unchanged when he appeared on SNL “Man I get paid to kill all the white people!… what’s not to like about that?” (to which the audience erupts into applause).

    This guy’s killing spree commenced after the release of that movie.

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