Antifa Supporters Cry Over Trevor Noah’s Daily Show Segment Mocking Antifa

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah described the far-left extremist movement Antifa as “Vegan ISIS” Thursday night, among a host of other jokes and insults rebuking the group of violent anarchists.

Noah’s jokes follow the establishment media’s change in stance towards the extremist movement, which earned widespread ire following violence in Berkeley last weekend. During the protest, random onlookers, conservatives, and journalists were assaulted by gangs of black-clad “anti-fascists.” The group even went after a comedian dressed as a popcorn vendor, deeming him a capitalist.

If you’ve lost Trevor Noah….

  • PapayaSF

    The polls came in and the word went out: “Attention Democrats and Democratic operatives in the media! We must distance ourselves from Antifa immediately!”

    • Clink9

      I thought so after Feinstein and Pelosi are walking away from Antifa.

      If only Paul Ryan and Maverick would do some polling.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        The Antifa monster has turned against the media Dr. Frankenstein.

  • UCSPanther

    The worm is turning…

  • Hard Little Machine

    All of this is the most attention he’s received in a year. He is irrelevant either way.

  • sk6actual

    For some reason I didn’t find Noah particularly funny, period. My first knowledge of him was late in the Oblahblah Ascendency when he replaced whom ever it was (see, I really don’t give any idiot comedians any of my time) and I was really pissed that I was listening to a South African giving Americans lessons on how to deal with American negros. As some already stated, he has no relevance for me.