YouTube Cracking Down: Censoring Content it Deems ‘Offensive’

Google is turning into Big Brother and is using its power to keep certain viewpoints off the web. It’s happening across its other properties, too, including YouTube which is coming under fire for increasing censorship.

  • Bla Bla

    No one voted for them, it’s far past time that their aspirations to be a defacto government are quashed – time to sue them to the stone age for hosting jihad videos (and arrest their executives for support of terrorism) since they can no longer use the excuse they are just a service provider. Service providers like telecoms don’t censor the data going across their lines (at least yet).

  • ismiselemeas

    They’re not keeping certain viewpoints off the web. They’re not allowing certain viewpoints on their servers. Find another server. Google is a search engine, one of many. Youtube is a server, one of hundreds of thousands worldwide. People can still watch and share your videos, they don’t need Google or Youtube to do that. If you’re worried about ad revenue use Patreon or a subscriber service to have your fans send you a few dollars.

    • Bla Bla

      An entity such as google who is the defacto search provider (80% of all searches on the net are through them) and doctors the results to remove any opposing thought to their ideology, provides android OS to 70% of mobile devices and on which removes apps to competing social media sites it deems ‘offensive’ (see, and has lobbyists influencing lawmakers at every level of government is a wee bit more than just another freemarket enterprise. They are now a corporate governing body that is attempting to subvert our rights and freedoms not through elections, but through the backdoor.
      So tell me, who is going to front you the billions of dollars to establish another parallel internet where freedom will reign? I’ll tell you – nobody – the status quo of turning the net into a propaganda device to demonize anyone who dare think for themselves is what those at the top want. And, as we are seeing now, someone tried to take on twitter ( – but is currently not doing so well -especially when google (and subsequently apple) decided that they support ‘hate speech’ and thereby removed there app from distribution. You needs eyes on the screen in order to get the ad dollars to further fund your efforts, and without this, well, you are going nowhere.