Why demonize The Rebel for daring to criticize ‘political Islam’?

Being critical of political Islam – and supporting progressive Muslims, as The Rebel does – used to be a core editorial position of the Post. When did that change?

  • Waffle

    What changed? We are through the looking glass, sheeples. Canada is no longer a democracy.

  • glasnost

    “When did that change”
    I’d bet that Ezra knows exactly when, why, and who changed it. Now I’d like to get his take on how to change it back.

  • k2

    There is no conservative-leaning media left in this country (with the exception of the Rebel – if they can survive). It’s funny how progressives are always on about the wonders of diversity but when it comes to the only diversity that really matters – diversity of thought and ideas – well, they’re not so keen on those.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Ezra hit it on the nose. The National Post is losing readers…all newspapers are, and it’s looking to Justin Trudeau’s government to become their sugar daddy.
    Since the government is pushing for Shari’a to be acceptable and criminalizing criticism of Islam, the National Post has to join into the demonizing of the Conservative ideals of freedom of speech, small government, and instead promote Islamic ideology to gain favour with the government and maybe get some taxpayer funding.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      And it must be remembered when we the people rise up.

      • Tooth&Claw

        We the people had better rise up soon, or surrender to our intellectual, economic and eventually real chains.

  • simus1

    Presumably either selling out to the cbc or living permanently on some sort of Liberal government version of a third world kleptocracy rentseekers stipend has crossed the minds of those carefully husbanding the sickly remnants of Canada’s dead tree and dead digital media. Always be a polite beggar when seeking the best offering.of alms.

  • Oracle9

    At least NP published Ezra’s rebuttal. Makes sense though that the ailing media outlet would want to toe the radical leftist party line for the financial perks.

    Unfortunately the best journalist in Canada is being thrown under the bus. A pox on every single member of the “Conservative” party, of which not a one stood up in defense of the issues that Ezra and his Rebel are the only ones with the guts to discuss.

    As Canada now builds mobile home ghettos for the illegal alien invaders, with millions needlessly spent, millions more for years, to stroke Justin’s ego, Canadians continue to keep their blinders on.

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

      Millions? You’re quite the optimist, aren’t you?

      • Oracle9

        Billions and billions, as Sagan would have said.

  • Because anything not towing the line must be done away with.

    • Minicapt

      … toeing … please.


      • I’d say towing. It’s labourious to haul bullsh– all day.

  • Ego

    With due respect to The Rebel and the hard and committed work it is doing:
    The term “political Islam” infers that there is also a “non-political” Islam, “just the religious part,” and that you can separate Islam from its political aspects. But you can’t: Islam fuses religion, politics, ethics, law, economy, public life, and private life. In Islam, none of these exist separately, and all are covered in the Sharia.
    There is no “political Islam” and, as Erdogan put it, “there is no extremist Islam, there is only Islam.”

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Two thumbs up. Way up.