Swiss feel threatened by Islam, according to survey

The survey coincides with the news that the Swiss commune of Nidau is trying to get the canton of Bern to expel a Libyan imam who has preached hate. The preacher has reportedly called for the destruction of all enemies of islam, including christians, jews, hindus, Russians and shiites.

In addition, 81 % favoured banning salafism, and 83% would like a system that requires imams to get official authorisation before they can preach in Switzerland. 80% would also like rules that require muslim leaders in Switzerland to recognise equality between men and women and the principle of the separation of the state and religion.

Furthermore, 65% thought preaching should be done in a national language, while 55% thought imams should require training at a Swiss university.

Finally, 60% of people surveyed were against the idea of Islam being recognised as a state religion.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    I have no idea what the constitution or laws of Switzerland are but they should make the practice of Islam as hard as humanly possible.
    Why allow any Imams in?
    Take a test? Sure! Make it ridiculously hard and so ambiguous that they can fail anyone the Swiss feel like.
    Demand all korans and sermons be delivered exclusively in one of the national languages. No Arabic allowed. Do everything to interfere with the practice of Islam as Muslims traditionally wish to practice it.
    Make all welfare for immigrants difficult to get, little in amount, and as temporary as possible.
    Anything other than that is capitulation.

  • canminuteman

    How many thought islam should be banned and all muslim expelled?

  • Flyboy

    The Swiss have always been good, common sense folk.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Oh yea, a poll says (insert the results here).
    What we expect a poll result to mean is:
    Good, my side is represented by the results, so please respect the results and honor them.

    What the results actually produce:
    A new commission created to brainstorm ways of changing results of future polls to provide proof that peoples opinions are moving in the direction of political opinion.

    I am sick to death of ‘poll results’ that are only a means of manipulating the population. Social engineering at its worst, that is all polls are.

  • andycanuck

    I guess most Swiss are pissed at…

    Abu Ramadan arrived in Switzerland in 1998 and was granted asylum in
    2004 after claiming that the Libyan government was persecuting him for
    his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. Since then, Ramadan has
    collected 600,000 Swiss Francs ($620,000) in social welfare payments,
    according to SRF.

    …than I thought a few days ago.

  • Barrington Minge

    “60% of people surveyed were against the idea of Islam being recognised as a state religion”
    100% of people should be against islam being recognised. Full Stop. End of.