Middle Israel: The Arab Herzl

1st Zionist Congress, Basel Switzerland

In the era of “isms,” Zionism has defeated all the rest. Maoism, Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, Nasserism and fascism have all come and gone, having delivered their believers calamity and despair. The current totalitarianism, fundamentalism, has served its followers no better and will ultimately end up similarly extinct.

Marxism has been reduced from dream to nightmare, especially where it was tried. Socialism, after having floored healthy economies, has been elbowed by capitalism which, after brief universal applause, is now something between a moral monstrosity and an aristocratic plot.

Even pacifism, fashionable a century ago when war was the business of idiots, lost currency once the following war became the business of madmen.

Only Theodor Herzl’s ism has bucked the trend, remaining fresh, relevant, and a very big success 120 years after its launch.