Mark Steyn: Dem IT Scandal Is Worse than Russia and Nobody’s Interested in It

“Basically everything people have been looking for in the so-called Russia investigation is actually here in the more or less uncovered Imran Awan investigation,” political commentator Mark Steyn argued on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight Wednesday evening.

He brought up the latest shoe to drop in the growing scandal, which was broken this week by Luke Rosiak in The Daily Caller, as a prime example.

“This guy [Imran Awan] had his access to House email withdrawn because he was a security risk, yet he still had a House email,” said Steyn incredulously.

  • k2

    I wonder if the fact that the MSM is almost uniformly filled with Democrats could have anything to do with that. Nah, couldn’t be – after all, they’re professionals and they therefore wouldn’t allow a little thing like their ideological/[political inclinations to get in the way of reporting all the news both fully and accurately….

    • Brett McS

      They swim in leftism like fish swim in water.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Indict try convict and imprison them anyway

  • bob e

    es ask Muslim traitor Andre Carson, Jackie Spiers, and Hollywood Shiff. They made sure each brother had Eyes Only congressional security access for the congressional committee that oversees defence et al. This is a treasonous, hanging affair for the congress committees..

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The MSM might try to suppress the scandal, but Carlson, Hannity, Steyn and Breitbart News will keep making noise.

  • mauser 98
  • Clausewitz

    I so hope that when Limbaugh retires that Steyn gets his show.