Conrad Black: Our society is under attack — from vilifying John A. to antifa

Both Canada and the United States are, in different ways, enduring an assault on their national legitimacy from within. The incessant agitation by the Canadian native community, now focused on, in Stalinist terms, the repression of John A. Macdonald, is essentially an attempt to delegitimize the entire settlement and political organization of this country by those who arrived here starting in the 16th century. As I have written many times before, the natives arrived here approximately 20,000 or more years before the Europeans did, but their civilization in the 16th century was at least 5,000 years behind that of Europe by any reasonable measurement of the maturity of a culture or economy of a society. And the natives were not sufficiently numerous or attached to durable places of residence to be said to occupy the territory of what is now Canada.